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Best DC Tour

Why we have the Best DC Tour:

11. Rave Reviews for the Show on Wheels. Come see what all the fuss is about. Check out our customers’ comments about our tour.

10. First Class Treatment. We have the most comfortable fleet of tour vehicles in Washington DC. And don’t forget the bottled water on the shuttle. Meet the OnBoard DC Shuttles.

9. Smaller Groups. Our small-group size guarantees personal interaction with the tour guide – providing a better experience for each customer.

8. DC’s Finest (tour guides, that is). When our tour guides tell a story, it’s not just from a script. It’s from the experience and knowledge only a true Washingtonian can offer.

7. Safety First. We have the best drivers in Washington DC who can safely navigate the “battle zone” that is the streets of DC.

6. The Coolest Tour in DC. Our climate-controlled shuttles are warm in winter and cool in summer. Who wants to be on a double-decker bus or open-air trolley in the rain, heat, snow, or sleet?

5. We Walk it Like We Talk it. Where other tours just drive by, we get out take short walks to explore major attractions in depth.

4. It’s DC’s Best Tour Value. Period. The DC IT ALL! tour includes a private yacht cruise during the tour and will save you several hours in waiting time. The DC THE LIGHTS! tour is one of the best bargains in DC because you have a tour guide who hops off with you at each stop.

3. DC it all. Our customers see more in 6 hours with us than they would in 2 days with any other tour company in the city. Here are our tour itineraries.

2. We’re Flexible. Ask us about Private and Foreign Language tours with custom itineraries and hotel or airport pickup.

And, the number one reason to choose OnBoard DC Tours is…

1. It’s Not Just a Tour, It’s an Experience. Taking a tour with OnBoard combines smaller shuttles with a tour guide that steps off with you at each attraction — all so you get a better tour experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Best DC Tour

If you want the Best DC Tour, you have no choice but to take an OnBoard DC Tour. OnBoard puts the competition to shame. The best DC tour will help you truly experience the magnificence of Washington DC and all its splendor.

What makes it the Best DC Tour?

OnBoard Tours has better tour guides. Better customer service. Better buses. Better drivers. Better climate control. Better free bottled water. A better itinerary. A better tour format. It’s the Best DC Tour, period. Best DC Tour

  • Departure Times:

    DC IT ALL! Tours Leave at 10 AM.
    DC THE LIGHTS! Tours leave at 7:30 PM
    DC THE BEST! Tours Leave at 10:30am & 2:30pm (Apr - Oct)

  • Where:

    From the North side of the Old Post Office Building at 12th and Pennsylvania NW (1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC)

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